There's no such thing as an everyday shoe, more like a SHOE for EVERYDAY, only a true shoe-aholic will understand this statement nevertheless, for those who are a little confused ill explain further.

There is a bitter truth about this fashionist world which we all live in, as much as (mainly) the male population may want to deny there is no such thing as that ONE amazing pair of savour shoes. Those shoes which you can possibly wear on any occasion anywhere, everywhere. In other words and, I know this might sound so horrific to some people but its better if you accept it now "there is no such thing as a 24/7 shoe!".

Men Boots

SHOCK... HORROR!! don't worry all is not lost as of yet, I am loyal to my readers and can't let you down so easily so I have managed to shortlist the best pair of versatile shoes that is essential and will fulfil any occasion which strike you throughout your life.

To begin with Men's boots there is no need to pay top cash for a durable, comfortable high performing pair of gorgeous looking boots, according to latest test results whether you're planning a miniature hiking trip with a couple macho mates of yours or just a little tumble down your local Epping forest.

It's important to choose the correct pair of walking boots, so here's my three pointer  guide to the most sensible and smartest, money saving way to purchase a great pair which will last you a very long time. Firstly you’ll need to look out for a pair where soles will be very comfortable and strong as well as flexible. Secondly try and stick to all round leather as they tend to have a longer life span then fabricated boots and most importantly and you should never forget it's not about how heavy the weight of the boot which makes it the right one trust me, when there's a lot of walking involved the lighter the boot the better, you'll thank me in the long run and this is directed mostly to those particular egoistic males that don't like admitting or showing anyone that they too are human, so they have this tendency to hide the fact that they are exhausted. My advice the lighter the boots the less you'll get tired dragging your feet about.

Good luck and happy shopping until next time....